Stay Home This Friday Night To Watch A Movie!

Stay Home This Friday Night To Watch A Movie!

The one reason we go to the movie theater is the acoustics. It is so designed that echoes are not disturbing the viewers. If you can design a similar experience at home, there will be no need to go to the cinema ever so often. Just a normal room can be turned in to one of these, all you need are a good quality television and a sound system. You can have a domestic space that is even better than a movie theater. Look for the ideal place When you are setting up the television in the TV room, measure display’s screen diagonally and multiply it by 1.5 to 2.5. This is the distance your seating must be arranged. This is a scientifically proven distance figured out after much research. Even though most televisions have their own sound, it won’t be as good as that of a movie theater. Therefore you can do an audio visual installation with dedicated speakers and surrounding sound. A “soundbar” can be useful for a small room as it has several speakers placed vertically in one “bar” kind of a thing. Some horizontal bars can fit even below the television thereby saving space and giving you a fantastic sound experience.

Using a subwoofer

A subwoofer is a bass-only speaker; it is created so that a room will be “vibrated”. When you are setting up one of these for a better sound experience make sure they are fixed on an item which doesn’t generate a rattle due to the vibration. Mount it somewhere with a bit of space. When you are setting up other speakers also, ensure that separation is followed as a principle. When you are in a cinema you will feel like a horse-riding from afar is really coming from that way, far away. Similarly, at home also that effect can be achieved by setting up speakers around the room. If there is not much space on the ground, you can use the wall brackets to set them up. You can even use a cabinet or a bookshelf. With that tactic you can make the wires hide behind the shelves as well. Visit 

Surround sound

It will be ideal if you can have the surround sound option. It is quite complex and comes as a full audio set up. Usually it will have six channels or speakers, for center, left, right and two for the rear with one subwoofer. If you manage to set the whole thing up it will be an acoustic sweet spot at the home. Usually the rear two will be hard to place; get someone’s help and ask them to go and stand in the rear of the room before you play some music. This way you’ll know when it hits the right note and would know where to place them. If you are doing this as a part of a home theatre installation Northern Beaches, the same technicians can do it for you. With the technological development there is no need to go to the cinema any more. Download your favourtie movie, microwave some popcorn and you are in business.

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