Best 4g Wi-Fi Modems

Best 4g Wi-Fi Modems

Two types of 4g Wi-Fi modems with sim card slot are available in market. First type is portable with in-built battery and it has very limited range and only functions well in single room. Second type is full size router which gives full range and easy access. It also has facility of sim card slot. 

Jio-Fi JMR815: 
JioFi Company was established a long time ago and now it is the most successful company. They are provide the best 4G Wi-Fi modem with free data packages for new users. Its design is very compact and fits in your pocket very easily. It is powered by powerful ALT3800 processor. It supports speed between 50Mbps and 150Mbps. It is best 4g Wi-Fi modem available with sim card slot and available in reasonable price. 

Vodafone Mi-Fi R217 
Vodafone is a big name in telecom industry. It implies that you’ve got an improved probability of obtaining 4G network from Vodafone than the other network providers in market. That’s why once Vodafone newly launched new R217 4G WiFi Device and it would be very exciting. Its new device is user friendly and very compact, you can take it anywhere. It conjointly supports transfer quickens to one hundred fifty Mbps at the side of fifty Mbps transfer speeds, which suggests wherever you are in world there will be a no problem with you internet unless there is problem with your internet provider. 

Airtel 4G E5573Cs 
Airtel is also renowned company in telecommunication industry. It’s the quickest 4G association. I’d be wrong however I even checked all other famous companies like Vodafone and jio but Airtel gave the fast speeds. That, of course, depends on your space and coverage. It is portable and nice for obtaining web services. This 4G device E5573Cs of Airtel will connect with up to ten devices at a time and has in-built 1800 mAh battery that gives you an average battery timing of 5 hours. Give a try to this device of Airtel, this can be most likely the 4g wifi modem you need. 

Huawei E5787s: 
Huawei is also Renowned Company in telecom industry. The best feature of this device is that it gives you perfect internet speed. It is also portable with a long battery time of 10 hours. This device is available in all over the world. It gives friendly system with touchscreen and can be used for 10 devices at same time. It gives speed of 50mbps and upload speed 300mbps. The best thing which makes it standout from other competitors is that it is providing dual frequency mood, you can use modes for both 2.5G and 5G. It gives you comfort that you can easily take it with you while travelling. wifi-modem

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